Membership of the Company

There are two classes of membership: Freemen and Liverymen. After successful completion of the application process, members are admitted as Freemen and in due course will be invited to proceed to the Livery.

The benefits of membership include

  • An opportunity to participate in Glaziers' events
  • An opportunity to attend The Installation Court Dinner at Glaziers Hall (Liverymen may also attend all other Court Dinners -four per year)
  • An opportunity to attend the Annual Banquet at Mansion House as guests of the Lord Mayor
  • Company lunches in the River Room at Glaziers Hall
  • Lectures and cultural visits connected with stained glass and contemporary architectural glass
  • Weekend visits in the UK and abroad

(Guests are welcome at all major events; and event tickets are priced to cover costs).

 Other benefits include:

  • Discounted rates for the corporate or private hire of Glaziers' Hall
  • Membership of the Company’s Golfing Society
  • Newsletter
  • The opportunity to support the Company Cutter in races on the Thames
  • The right to apply for the Freedom of the City of London
  • The right, as a Liveryman, to participate in the election of the Lord Mayor and the Sheriffs of the City of London.


Fees (“fines”) are payable on admission as a Freeman and subsequently as a Liveryman.  Once admitted members pay an annual membership fee (“quarterage”), which is reduced pro rata in the first year of membership to reflect the portion of the year remaining.  Members over 75, those living overseas and those admitted as artists pay reduced quarterage. 

Click here for the current rates.

Click here for Under 40's and International rates.